Ladies' Dressmaker (Tailleur pour dames) - Plot

Ladies' Dressmaker is one of the most famous and successful plays of George Feydeau, considered one of the greatest writers of the French comedy after Molière. The basic elements of this amusing farce are changing of identity, subterfuges, misunderstandings and secret loves. The play is set in Paris and tells the story of Dr. Molineaux, fresh wedding but with doubts marital behavior. He, having a libertine spirit, betrays his wife with an attractive lady, and in order to meet her without arousing any suspicion pretends to be a tailor, creating a series of funny and hilarious gags involving all actors in the play, such as his boring butler, the husband of his lover, the annoying mother-in-law and his unconscious wife. As in the game of Chinese boxes, everything will be resolved with an unexpected happy ending for all couples involved. It is a foreshortening of family disputes and conflicts in bourgeois society of the early 1900s, still valid today.

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