In the bleak midwinter (Provando Shakespeare ?) - Plot

"Why the show must go on ?" When his professional career hits a lull, an art director attempts to revitalize his career by staging a production of Juliet and Romeo, directed by and starring himself. Lacking money and time, he recruits a rather motley group of drunks, incompetents, and oddballs. Given only three weeks of rehearsal, and a dusty dark basement, this unlikely group nevertheless struggles valiantly to make theatrical magic. The comedy attempts to pay loving tribute to the madness that surrounds the staging of a play, with all of the backstage dramas, inevitable disasters, and unexpected surprice ending. This representation put in evidence, with a comic irreverent criticism , one of the problems of our current society, in wich some actors, yearning of appear, are full of self-importance in the stage as well as in their actual life, without any real capacity.
Finally, as Anton Giulio Bragaglia said, "gli attori so come li facioli, se coceno da sè …"(literal translation : The actors are like the beans : they cook themselves).

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