La sora Lucrezzia - Plot

The play is the portrait of a middle-class Roman family at the beginning of 19th century. The comic story is full of unexpected events, hypocrisy, dramas of jealousy, stupid impertinence and false shame. It prevails the boorish sense of humor of Zanazzo, author, among other things, of countless folk songs, such as the most famous mentioned in Tosca by Puccini as well as the song sung in the play by er Sor Giuseppe :
         “E la mia bella se chiama Camilla
         “m’ha stretto er core co ‘na catenella
         “e me l’ha ppuncicato co ‘na spilla.
         “Fiore de pepe
         “coll’acqua delle rose ve lavate:
         “più ve lavate e più bbellina sete”.

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