Pig in a poke (Chat en poche) - Plot

In the comedy "Chat en poche" (pig in a poke) G. Feydeau deals with irony and satire of the "new middle class" of his time. Pacarel made his wealth in the sugar industry and wants to premiere an opera composed by his daughter, who "rewrote Faust after Gounod". To fulfill this objective, he asks his friend Dufausset who lives in Bordeaux to engage Dujeton, a well known Tenor from the Bordeaux Opera. But instead of Dujeton, it's the son of Dufausset who comes. He is coming in Paris to study the Judiciary in Paris. Pacarel mistakes him for Dujeton and signs a contract with him, leading to a series of misunderstandings. The above social satire is only a pretext to the perfect stage movement.

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