Author : Neil Simon

"If Broadway ever erects a monument to the patron saint of the laughter, Neil Simon would have to be it. (Time Magazine)".
Born in 1927, he began to work for radio and television after the Second World War. Then he dedicated himself to the theater.
He wrote comedies such as "Barefoot in the Park", "The odd cuople", "Plaza suite", "The last of the Red Hot lovers", "The Prisoner of the second avenue" and "The Sunshine boys".
Because of all these works Simon is considered the greatest living playwright. His comedies are part fotoof the theater brilliant, commercial, respecting its rules and taking care to provide compelling stories full of jokes highly effective comic.
The key aspect most consistent in Simon’s writing style is comedy, effectively using both situational and verbal humor. Koprince writes, "his plays are often brilliantly funny," adding that his "flair for rapid-fire jokes and wisecracks is unparalleled." McGovern adds that Simon’s comic form "provides a means to present serious subjects so that audiences may laugh to avoid weeping.".

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