Carlo Goldoni

Carlo Osvaldo Goldoni (Venezia 1707-Parigi 1793). Son of a physician, educated as a lawyer, and holding lucrative positions as secretary and councilor, he seemed, indeed, at one time to have settled down to the practice of law, but an unexpected summons to Venice, after an absence of several years, changed his career, and thenceforth he devoted himself to writing plays and managing theatres. In his memoirs, written by himself, is depicted with the utmost liveliness the born comedian, careless, light-hearted and with a happy temperament, proof against all strokes of fate, yet thoroughly respectable and honorable. Such characters were common enough in Italy, and it is somewhat remarkable that he should have been the only one of his many talented countrymen to win a European reputation as a comic writer. foto1 By the middle of the eighteenth century none but literary enemies contested Goldoni's title as the Italian Molière, and this has been confirmed by the suffrage of posterity. "Un Curioso Accidente", "Il Vero Amico", &La Bottega del Caffé", "La Locandiera" and many other comedies that might be named, while depicting manners of a past age, retain all their freshness in our own. Goldoni is considered by the Italians as the author who carried dramatic art in Italy to its highest point of perfection, and he possessed no common powers.

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